How do I know I’ll get a high quality car rental during my visit to Miami?

We do a lot of things to insure you’ll have a great experience at All Day Rent A Car. It starts with the people we hire and the vehicles we purchase. Our employees are treated very well and they in turn treat our customers even better. We also purchase high quality, reliable cars like the Toyota Camry and Ford Explorer.  Our fleet of cars and vans are very well maintained which insures little or no problems while on the road. If something does go wrong we’re just a phone call away and open 365 days.

Why are your rates lower than most of your competitors?

As an independent car rental company we’re able to operate with less overhead. We don’t have a huge marketing budget and we run a very efficient operation. Our comprehensive preventive maintenance program assures minimal problems with our vehicles. We pass these savings on to the customer with great rates and value. Oh and we don’t pay out multi-million dollar bonuses either.

How long have you been in business?

We started our company 13 years ago here in Miami. Over the years we established a strong following from visitors from all over the world who look for great car rental value.

What exactly are “Pay Now” Rates?

If you’re willing to pay us upfront for your rental at the time of booking vs. when you arrive at our counter, we’ll reward you with a discount on the time portion of your rental. By paying upfront we’re able to manage our inventory more efficiently. We’re happy to pass the savings on to the customer.

What happens if my rental car or van has a mechanical break down?

Simply call us on our toll-free line and one of rental agents will help you. We are open 365 days a year.

Will my personal insurance cover your vehicle in case of an accident or damage?

This question is best answered by your insurance agent or your insurance company. Automobile insurance policies vary and depending what kind of coverage you have you may not be covered for everything. It’s best to check before traveling. All Day Rent A Car will request for proof of insurance upon arrival if you decline our coverage.

Can I buy insurance coverage from All Day Rent A Car?

Yes, we offer a full complement of insurance products and Collision Damage Waivers for an extra charge to protect you against damage and liability claims. Our rental agents are well trained to answer any questions you may have regarding insurance coverage.

Am I allowed to take the vehicle outside the State of Florida?

All Day Rent A Car does not allow out of state rentals. It is a violation of our rental agreement and severe mileage charges will apply.

Do you offer or rent child seats?

All Day Rent A Car is happy to offer our customers a child seat rental for a nominal cost. Just request one when booking your car or van online or via our toll-free number.

How old must I be to rent a car at All Day?

The minimum age to rent our vehicles or be listed as an additional driver is 21. We do charge a fee for drivers under the age of 25.

What are airport access fees?

We’re required by the airport authorities to collect a fee from each renter for the use of the car rental facilities in Miami.

Do you accept cash deposits with no credit card?

Yes we do, but only if provide us with proof that you reside outside of the USA. Other restrictions apply.

Do you accept cash payments?

Yes, as long as you have a valid and usable credit card at the time of rental as a guarantee.

Do you accept international drivers licenses?

Yes, as long as you also have your valid license from your country of origin and valid passport.